high waisted bikini DIY tutorial : )

So this isn’t really related to the blog, but i really need to pay this forward. and i can make a case for the relation to parenting, because i’m sure i’m not the only momma thrilled to see higher waisted bikinis covering a little tum territory…. i know i’m not the only cheapie out there when it comes to buying for yourself…and ALSO some of you whose kids are young like ez, your old swimsuits may still be a little too small or skimpy, and thankfully the tent you purchased last summer is now too big. 

Sorry there are no pictures of the process, I made it in a pinch before heading out to the pool, but of course I took a cell phone pic to brag to my friend and mom about it! (below)

All you need is an old one piece bathing suit! all black worked well because it was not an exact process…BUT I went swimming with about 10 people, and 3 of them asked where I got it and loved it (so I think it looked legit). Mine was from Old Navy a few years ago, I don’t have a pic, but they have a bikini top that is identical to it— so just imagine the world’s plainest black one piece with this as the top (including the seam under boobs). http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=45262&vid=1&pid=810730&scid=810730052

All I did was cut across the bathing suit (laying flat) about an inch below the seam under the boobs. You cut it way higher than you think you would need to. I have a long torso, so I guess sometimes you might not need quite as much fabric for the bottom but better safe than sorry. Ok so then I put it on, and then just cut a straight line down the middle in line with my belly button and stopped right above my belly button. I stopped higher a few times and tried tying it then slowly cut more until I liked the way it looked. Then just pull the two sides together and tie them in a double knot! As you tie them, fold the extra fabric in the back down inside the suit. That way you don’t have to sew it or anything, it sort of appeared gathered/ruched in the back, again, from leaving a lot of fabric before cutting the slit to create the pieces to tie. It gets ruched when you pull them in tightly around your waist (so it won’t get loose as you swim!) I got the idea for ties from this one http://www.forever21.com/swim/itemlist.asp?id=58636614&category_name=swimwear. But, I decided to do one in the middle for fear of not having enough fabric. And, of course, the way I did it there are no keyholes, just one tight knot. It looks super cute. 

I was planning on leaving it at that and wearing a different top, but all my tops looked miniscule due to all this pregnancy and nursing business. SO, I actually ended up just folding the cut part underneath into the top, looping the neck strings around the bandeau in the middle, looping them around my back, and tying them in a bow around the back of the top once I put it on. All this looping action made it gathered in the front and back so the cut part was stuck folded in. 

If you’re just going for a bottom, then it doesn’t matter at all what kind of one piece you use! But if you want the top also, look for one with the seam under the boobs and also the necktie in the middle made it super simple. I swam a ton with ezra and never had any weird falling down or falling apart problems. The knot on the bottom stayed put really well!!

Here’s the pic of mine! And yes, I know I should be cleaning my room and not making bathing suits, or going swimming. But whatever. 

if anyone tries this, you have to let me know!! you won’t be disappointed!